Oct - Dec 2017

Exciting four-day WinterFest Sectional begins January 25 at the Chevy Chase Country Club, Wheeling.

CCBA Annual Meeting/Dinner, where board members will be elected and prestigious prizes will be given, will be held January 27 during WinterFest. Make your reservations now for the dinner.

Don't miss the FallFest Silver Point Sectional, November 10-12, which takes place in a beautiful new location, the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Schaumburg.

CCBA Pres. Jan Churchwell, in her column, urges newer players to discover the fun of tournament play.

District 13 Director Suzi Subeck reports on the ACBL survey, which seeks member input.

See who the NAP winners are.

Look at snaps from the Central States Regional and the Labor Day Sectional.

You will want to clip the 2018 Tournament Calendar.

The Schuetts discuss distribution and shape.

Diebel concludes that in bridge, sometimes you are the windshield, sometimes the bug.

STaC games run December 4-10. See all the Special Games on pages 10-12.

Learn who advanced in rank and who had 70 percent games. 

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Posted on October 31, 2017.

Sep - Oct 2017

Central States runs October 9-15 in Lake Geneva.

Win Silver Points at Labor Day Sectional September 1-4 in Skokie.

FallFest slated for November 10-12 at new site in Schaumburg.

Septemer 15 is the deadline to nominate someone to the CCBA Board or for the Herman Wilkes or Gran Sportsmanship Awards.

It is official. Chicago will play host to the 2023 Summer NABC.

President Churchwell alerts players to an outbreak of "Bacillus bridgeus."

The Schuetts discuss the value of support doubles.

Diebel praises the ACBL for banning the use of the STOP card at tournaments. 

See who advanced in rank or had 70 percent games.

Look over the list of Special Games and have fun playing them.


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Posted on September 1, 2017.

Jul - Jul 2017

New Windy City Sectional daytime tournament runs July 7-9 at UIC Student Center. Check out the flyer in the Kibitzer.

Always exciting Labor Day Silver Point Sectional set for September 1-4 in Skokie.

The fun Spooktacular Central States Regional Tournament will be held earlier this year- October 9-15 - in beautiful Lake Geneva, WI.

You won't want to miss the FallFest Silver Point Sectional in Lombard on November 10-12.

CCBA President Jan Churchwell urges players to consider applying for a seat on the CCBA Board before the September 15 deadline.

September 15 is also the deadline to nominate someone for the Harmon Wilkes and Gran Sportsmanship Awards.

The Schuetts tell how to respond over a negative double.

Diebel discusses the different kinds of takeout doubles.

Check out who had 70 percent games and who advanced in rank.

Special games are listed.

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Posted on July 12, 2017.

May - Jun 2017

Don't miss the new Windy City Silver Point Sectional set for July 7-9 at UIC.

Fun Stars of Tomorrow 499 Tournament for non-Life Masters slated for May 20-21 in Glenview.

ABA National Tournament is August 17-26 in Lombard.

Grand National Team winners heading for Nationals.

President Jan Churchwell discusses CCBA Board's role.

See pictures of the Valentine and the Spring Regionals.

The Schuetts stress the importance of entries and promotion when playing NT contracts,

Rowen Bell reveals how to make a difficult four spade contract,

See who advanced in rank and who made 70 percent games,.

Special games for May and June are listed.

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Posted on May 17, 2017.

Mar - Apr 2017

Angie Clark receives the Harmon Wilkes Award, CCBA's highest award.

Jan Churchwell elected CCBA president.

Jan Ivory, Art and Greg Gran Sportsmanship, and Bob Glenn Awards presented at CCBA's Annual Dinner.

Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney winners announced.

Stars of Tomorrow 499er Tournament set for May 20, 21.

WinterFest fun shown in photographs.

The Schuetts tell how to respond to a 1NT bid.

Wimpy reveals the value of support doubles.

Klemic discusses advance card combinations.

STaC games scheduled for 2017 are listed.

See who advanced in rank and who got 70 percent games.

March/April Special Games are listed.

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Posted on March 1, 2017.

Jan - Jan 2017

Don't miss the four-day WinterFest tournament, which starts January 26 in Glenview.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the January 28 Annual Meeting held during WinterFest, where fellow players will receive awards.

Send your $15 now to get a ticket for the January 28 Annual Dinner, an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Alert, the deadline to register for the February 25/26 GNT is February 18.

The Valentine Regional, February 18-24, offers more opportunities for gold.

View photographs from the fun Central States Regional held in Lake Geneva.

The Schuetts explain Michaels Cuebids.

Diebel discusses penalty doubles - when to pull and when to pass.

The 2017 Bridge Calendars will arrive in your mailbox soon.

See pictures of  the exciting FallFest Sectional held in Lombard.

Congratulations to rank advancers and those with 70 percent games.

Check the special games scheduled for January/February.

Check out the flyers for the upcoming WinterFest and Valentine tournaments.

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Posted on January 11, 2017.


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