Nov - Dec 2016

  • Fun FallFest runs November 11-13 in Lombard.
  • Exciting four-day WinterFest slated for January 26-29 in Glenview.
  • Tickets now available for January 28 CCBA Annual Dinner where board members are elected and awards are presented.
  • The not-to-be missed Valentine Regional runs February 18-24 in Glenview.
  • Browse the flyers for FallFest, WinterFest and the Valentine Regional.
  • Former CCBA Board member Kay Hathaway passes.
  • District 13 NAP winners head to Kansas City in 2017.
  • View photographs from the Labor Day Silver Point Sectional.
  • The Schuetts discuss attitude signals by defendants.
  • Wimpy tells how to make Inverted Minor suit raises.
  • See who had 70 percent games and who advanced in rank.
  • Special games for November and December are listed.

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Posted on November 2, 2016.

Sep - Oct 2016

Central States Regional kicks off October 24 in Lake Geneva.

October 10 is the nomination deadline for CCBA Board seats, as well as Harmon Wilkes and Gran Sportsmanship Awards.

FallFest Sectional runs November 11-13 in Lombard.

Silver Point Labor Day Sectional slated for September 2-5 in Skokie.

Todd Fisher appointed to CCBA Board.

WinterFest set for January 26-29 in Glenview.

CCBA Annual Meeting/Dinner will be held January 28 during WinterFest.

The Schuetts address questions posed by bridge students.

Diebel says Inverted Minor System results in bidding good games.

See who advanced in rank and who had 70% games.

Special games are listed.

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Posted on September 2, 2016.

Jul - Jul 2016

Earn silver at Labor Day Sectional in Skokie.

Exciting Central States Regional begins October 24 in Lake Geneva.

Always fun FallFest runs November 11-13 in Lombard.

Nominations close October 10 for CCBA Board and prestigious awards.

Frank Pancoe is appointed to CCBA Board.

Illinois teams do well in Collegiate Bridgebowl.

STaCs offer silver points in August.

The Schuetts give guidelines to bidding hands that do not fit.

Diebel says counting to 13 is the key to success.

See photos from the Stars of Tomorrow Tournament in Glenview.

Learn who advanced in rank and who had 70 percent games.

Check out the special games planned for July/August.

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Posted on July 8, 2016.

Jun - Jul 2016

Meet your new CCBA Board members.

Stars of Tomorrow Tournament set for May 14, 15.

Get the scoop on new rank classifications.

See District 13 Spring Regional Tournament pictures.

Diebel says to be nice to opponents.

Miller tells how to combine controls, DOPI, and Blackwood for success.

The Schuetts discuss finesses.

See who advanced in rank and who had 70 percent games.

Learn what special games are scheduled for May/June.

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Posted on June 27, 2016.

Mar - Apr 2016

This issue of the Kibitzer contains information on the following topics:

  • CCBA honors Ginny Schuett with Harmon Wilkes Award.
  • Fogels receive Greg Gran Sportsmanship Award.
  • Five CCBA Board members elected:" 2016 officers chosen.
  • Pres. Les Kent and Treasurer Craig Gardner give annual reports.
  • Ace of Clubs, Mini-McKinney, Bob Glenn, Jan Ivory and Art Glatt winners recognized at Annual Meeting.
  • Stars of Tomorrow set for May 14, 15 in Glenview.
  • ACBL adds two new ranks.
  • Suzi Subeack shares her experiences as 2015 ACBL president.
  • See the WinterFest/Annual Meeting photographs.
  • Schuetts reveal the meaning of no trump invites.
  • Learn who advanced in rank and who had 70% games.
  • Special games are listed.

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Posted on March 6, 2016.

Jan - Feb 2016

Four-day WinterFest Tournament fun runs January 28-31 at the Wyndham Glenview Suites in Glenview.

Unit 123 Annual Meeting and Dinner takes place January 30 in Glenview. Find details on how to order tickets.

District 13 Grand National Team finals are February 20-21.

Jim Diebel tells how to get to the best game after partner opens 1NT.

The Schuetts reveal when to overcall or to make another bid.

Clip the 2016 CCBA tournament calendar.

See oodles of pictures of the Central States Regional in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and the FallFest tournament in Lombard.

Learn who advanced in rank and who had 70 percent games.

Check out the Junior Fund Games scheduled in January and the other special games.

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Posted on January 1, 2016.


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