Invitational Pairs News!

Chicago's Premier Event - CCBA Invitational Pairs will be begin on Jan 26 at Winterfest (Friday Evening) and conclude on Saturday Afternoon.  Immediately following the event, the CCBA will be sponsoring an all-you-can-eat buffet for $15 -- Tickets for dinner are required, and reservations are strongly suggested!

For 2018 the Invitational Pairs will be rated as a Charity Pair event and will award a greater number of masterpoints than in the past.

If you have 1300 or more masterpoints, you have pre-qualified. 

You may also qualify by scoring highly in a CCBA event the previous calendar year:

  • 1st in an unlimited, one-session event at a CCBA sectional
  • 1st-2nd in a two-session, unlimited event at a CCBA sectional
  • 1st in Flight B or Strata B of a CCBA Sectional event if the top Masterpoint restriction is 1000 or higher
  • 1st-2nd in the top bracket of a CCBA sectional knockout
  • 1st in the second KO bracket at a CCBA sectional
  • 1st-3rd of the District Grand National Teams, Flight A
  • 1st-2nd of the District Grand National Teams, Flight B
  • 1st-3rd of the NAOP, Flight A
  • 1st-2nd of the District NAP, Flight B
  • 1st in the Unit NAP, Flight B
  • 1st-3rd in unlimited events at CCBA Regionals
  • 1st-2nd in Flight B or Strata B of a CCBA regional event (with top Masterpoint restriction at 1000 or higher)
  • 1st-2nd in a Regionally rated Gold Rush Pairs 
  • 1st-2nd in the top bracket of a CCBA regional knockout
  • 1st-2nd in the second KO bracket at a CCBA regional (1st only if it is the bottom bracket)
  • 1st in the third KO bracket at a CCBA regional if it is not the bottom bracket

Please enjoy playing in the Crystal Lake Regionals and Sectionals, but remember that they are not CCBA sponsored tournaments, and placing in these events do not provide a means of qualifying for the CCBA Invitational Pairs.

You may search for names in the current qualification list.

Registration is now available and will remain open until Jan 22, 2018

Grand National Teams News!

This year's Grand National Team competition will take place on the weekend of February 24 at the Northbrook Hilton, 2855 North Milwaukee Avenue, Northbrook, IL.  Game time for the Saturday start is 11:00 am.

Flights for this years events are:

  • Championship (Unlimited)
  • Flight A (0-6000)
  • Flight B (0-2500)
  • Flight C (0-500 and Non Life-Master)

Masterpoints holding recorded as of September 2017 masterpoint cycle (report produced Sept 6, 2017).

Championship and Flight A will take place over 4 sessions and will be concluded in a single weekend. Flight B will take place over 4 sessions on February 24-25, but will conclude in a final match between the last two qualifiers at a time and place to be determined by the players with approval of the District Coordinators.

The conditions of contest for this years event is available here on District 13's website.  The District has a flyer on this event as well.

Registration is now available and will remain open until Feb 18, 2018

ACBL Recorder Form

The aim of the recorder system is to establish a method of dealing with complaints that: 1) by themselves do not warrant the filing of formal charges or 2) are very serious but there is only the implication of wrong doing without substantial evidence necessary to bring formal charges.

For a complete understanding as to the function and form of the Recorder process, please see the ACBL web page.

Use this form to record such incidents. This form should be returned to the CCBA office (see side bar for address), with an attention made to the Unit Recorder.

Chicago Invitational Pairs

Each year, the CCBA sponsors it's premier event for players in the Unit 123 (and some invited guests) to participate the Invitiational Pairs held during the Winterfest Sectional in January.

This event is open to only those players that have met certain criteria found in the conditions of contest.  (Although marked 2008 Invitational Pairs, conditions are identical, but applied to previous year's winners!)

CCBA Bylaws

The CCBA board is bound by the ByLaws that have been approved by its membership.

The latest version was approved by the membership during the annual meeting held on Jan 26, 2008.

CCBA Committee Handbook

This handbook (368.1 KB download) is a guideline as to how we handle the various committee's that have been formed to make the CCBA function.

Last Update - March 28, 2013


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